Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You had me at “Hello”, as in your cover of the Lionel Richie Song…
Nevermind, I just look silly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008- 7:02 pm PDT
School is owning me right now and it saddens me to say I don’t have the time to sit and watch the big announcement tonight. Last night I only caught the last 2 performances because I was in the Library. I will watch all the hours of Idol Saturday, but I couldn’t wait to find out who won… I had to know as soon as possible. In fact, I wanted to know when it was announced. So I had a friend that was at the Nokia Theatre text message me when it was announced. Since they tape the show live for the east coast, I got a text a little after 7pm.

“COOK WINS!” I yet out a YAWP in the library. (See below for the definition of Yawp.) I then get a little nervous that my friend is pulling my chain. I remembered a friend that’s on the east coast this week visiting family. I called them from the bathroom to gain confirmation. This may seem silly, but I asked the person to play me the announcement on their TiVo so I could hear it myself. I did this because I have given false announcements hundreds of times and I am deserving and due to have the joke played on me.

After triple confirmation (Wikipedia is a reliable source, right?) I am happy to revel in the fact that David Cook is the winner of Season 7, American Idol. This is not just a victory for Cook, this is a victory for good music. It finally triumphed over 13-year-old-girls. I personally spent 2 hours voting last night for Cook. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many votes I cast, but my best estimate is over 200. (This kind of puts the numbers they brag about into perspective.) I felt like I needed to do my part to counter the texting fiends.

Overall this was a great season of the show. While it became a little boring at the end as it became obvious who America wanted to see in the finals, it was still a fun ride. It will be interesting to see where Cook goes in his career. He will spend the summer touring with the other contestants, meeting his contractual obligation. As much as I enjoy the show, I have no desire to see this “Pop Tart American Idol Tour.” I hate the weekly group performances, why would I pay $75 to see them again. Anyway, we likely won’t hear any new music from Cook until February 09.

So, now I walk the aisles of the library with little spring in my step. I will watch the shows and post a full article early next week. In the mean time, I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that the Axis of Evil has been defeated… DAVID COOK WINS!


Here is the definition of a Yawp.

I am reminded how good this movie is. I think I’m going to watch it this weekend. Usually when Robin Williams does a dramatic role he grows the beard, because beards equal drama. This is an exception to that rule.

I wish my teachers spun me around until poetry came out.

“What Happens in Vegas” is not anywhere near as exciting as Vegas.

Your movie loses credibility by taking it’s name from an advertising campaign. After seeing this picture, you gained some credibility back because it appears Cameron Diaz could beat the crap out of me.

We silently stare at the digital sign in front of the theater perusing the list of movies. I was happy with the options we had. It’s not the middle of March, so there are a lot of things that I’d want to see. Heck there are some movies that I’d be willing to see for a second time (Iron Man.) I don’t want to force my opinions, and I want to be a gentleman. So I break the silence, “Anything jump out at you as a must see?” “No, nothing I MUST see.” Silence again. After a few seconds I go with the age-old tactic of naming options. It makes the other person feel like I contributed to the decision making process while the actual responsibility for the choice lies with them.

As I name off the movies on the list, I say “No desire” “I’d see that” or “Looks great”. After naming 4-5 movies in the “I’d see that” or “Looks great” categories I get to the bottom of the list; “What happens in Vegas” I give this one a tentative “I’d see that”. I even gave it an “ehhhhhhhh” before I put it in the maybe category to verbalize my hesitation. Normally I’d say “No Desire” but I wanted to give her plenty of options. She then speaks up and says with enthusiasm “Oh, let’s see that!”

This is my fault, I did this to myself. Sitting in the theater I began to question her judgment. As the movie starts I brace myself for the worst. What I ended up getting was ok. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible. It was kind of like eating McDonalds. It’s not bad, but it’s not the best either. It was a C; just average. Unfortunately, some of the laughs were ruined by the all too revealing previews. It was the most tolerable I’ve found Ashton Kutcher to be since his role in “That 70’s Show.” In my opinion Rob Corddry stole the show, I am pretty sure without him the movie would have been a complete failure.

So, my recommendation is to speak honestly about whether or not you want to see this or any movie for that matter. But if you get swindled, bribed or bamboozled into a theater playing this movie, take heart because it isn’t that bad. It isn’t, run out and see it good, but it isn’t bad either. When it comes to box office, it’s better than Speed Racer two weeks in a row, but then again Speed Racer is not average… it’s HORRIBLE! And I wanted to go see Speed Racer that night, so clearly my judgment is suspect, not hers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Speed Racer runs out of Gas

The best performance in this film was given by this monkey.
Sad, I know. But still, props to the Monkey.

If I read anymore my head is going to explode. It is Wednesday and I it is my 3rd day in a marathon of studying that involves 17 hour days in a library reading texts that are thousands of years old. I am burned out, and I need a break. I’ve wanted to see Speed Racer since I first heard that the makers of the Matrix were at the helm of this summers potential blockbuster. It would be great to let a fun story and a visually stunning effects wash over me and allow me to relax.

This movie accomplished something great, but did not meet my expectations. The great thing it did was made me think about how it was more interesting to read old books rather than endure this boring movie. Horrible, just horrible; I am convinced that the Wackowski brothers happen to strike gold with the original Matrix film and overall are not good filmmakers. They can oversee great visual effects but can’t tell a basic story. I think there was too much focus on the look of this movie that we forgot the Pixar Principle; Story, Story, STORY!!!

The racing sequences were stylized and interesting to watch, but that doesn’t make up for the other 2 hours or dribble. When I come off a film like Iron Man, I expect more. I don’t think it was casting, because I liked everyone in their respective roles. It was bad script and bad direction. My recommendation is to skip it in the theaters and only Netflix the film if you really must.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The wait is over, it’s on to the finals!

Syesha, I appreciate how you carried yourself during courtesy week.
Too bad you didn’t step it up and go out with a bang.

Last night I bumped into a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while and he mentioned my blog. It always makes me happy to know that people are actually reading this thing. At times it feels like I release these things into cyberspace and no one reads them. Anyway, my friend commented that I talk a lot about American Idol. At this point it’s the only TV show that I keep up with weekly. While life is too often described as busy, I do enjoy the 90 minutes of Idol. Plus it is the only show for which I cannot avoid a spoiler. With other shows like Lost or The Office, I can generally change the channel or change the subject quickly enough. But Idol is everywhere and it only takes a single sentence to ruin the surprise. I do love the Idol and want to experience with the rest of my friends.

With that, the show does have some areas that are lacking. There is a great article in last weeks Entertainment Weekly that gives suggestions for improving the show. I completely agree with the overhauling that is suggested. If you want, take a minute and give it a read. Fox announced that they are cutting the results show to a half hour next season. Hopefully this means they will cut the horrible Ford commercials and the group numbers. I heard Seacrest say that he wasn’t sure how they’d cram all that show into 30 minutes. Really Ryan? We’re talking about you saying a name. It could actually be done in 15 seconds.

Okay, enough about programming issues, on to moments that made me laugh from last week’s Idol. Syesha does a crappy rendition of Fever and Ryan Seacrest makes sure that we see the “classic chair”. Syesha’s performance of Fever was her giving up and not trying to be relevant. She was giving a Broadway Audition rather than creating a case that she is a potential pop star. The most laughable moment though was David Archuleta’s pathetic attempt at exuding street cred by singing “Boo”. It made him seem pathetic. The news that is swirling about his father is also making him appear less like an Idol and more like a Von Trapp child. (More on that at the end of this post.)

The finals are working out to be everything that I expected and what everyone wanted. My feeling is that if Archuleta wins, the show will end up loosing fans and followers. The tween crowd is going to tune in, no matter what. But my feeling is that the 22-32 demographic will not buy it and many will tune out. My prediction is that when the finalists perform with other pop stars Archuleta will look lame and out of his league, while Cook will be in step with whomever he is paired with. Again, let’s hope that justice can beat 13-year-old girls.

I stand by my Prediction that our next American Idol is…

1. David Cook

Trouble in the Archuleta Family?

In the event that you haven’t heard about David A’s daddy drama, here’s a little video that helps paint the picture.

If you don’t want to watch a video then the combination of images below gives a representation of the personality dynamics between David & his Dad. (Note the German Flair!)
David is Kurt Von Trapp; young, naïve and totally dependent on his parent.
David’s Father is a tyrant that is barking orders and annoying everyone around him.

(Note: Anytime you want to strengthen your argument, throw in a reference to the infamous Führer)
(Note: My last note was dripping with sarcasm. Don't do that, it's annoying.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Iron Man; A pleasant surprise!

I was very indifferent about Robert Downey Jr. but after seeing this film
I think I am now a fan, well done sir.

It didn’t even make my list of movies that I am excited about seeing this summer. I was actually a little frustrated at the movie. I didn’t quite see why Summer needed to start before I was ready and this movie was ushering it in on May 2nd, even though I love Summer. I didn’t see how the director of Elf and writer of Swingers would have a good take on a comic book movie, even though I am a fan of Favreau. I have zero knowledge of Iron Man and think this is just another B-list comic book character, even though I love superhero movies.

Friday morning is when the tide started to turn. I am seeing friends raving about the movie via their status on Facebook. That night I ended up seeing “Made of Honor” with a bunch of friends that are girls. (I know, I shared my opinion in a post last week.) As we left the theater I spotted people coming out of the theater showing Iron Man with a spring in their step. Their body language was similar to that of people getting of Space Mountain. Smiles and excitement are evident and they want to get back in line for another ride. Then the next afternoon my friend Andrew says the movie was so good he wants to see it again that night after improv. Sure enough, we get tickets for a screening at the Arclight that was added due to high demand, just after midnight.

The theater was packed and the movie started. I LOVED IT! As we exited the theater after staying for the “surprise at the end” (note: no need to stay if you don’t read comic books) Andrew said “I don’t even need to ask if you liked it, you were leaning forward the whole time.” Apparently I lean forward when I am enjoying a movie or a play. I really enjoyed this movie. The special effects were hardly noticed which is a sign of greatness. The performances were spot on, even though I did laugh at Jeff Bridges as a villain because he had some funny ”dude” moments it was still great casting.

This is a Rock ‘n Roll Superhero movie. I don’t know how else to describe it. It is fun and makes you think, I wish I could do that. That’s what a good superhero movie does; it makes you wish you had that power or that suit. I find most comic movies frustrating in that I am just waiting for the thing to happen so they can move on and become the title character. In this movie, the set up was just as much fun as the pay off. It had lots of laughs, great action sequences oh man, it was great.

So, this Summer Season is already surprising me with Iron Man. In fact it is surprising the studios too with such a huge opening and a great second weekend that beat out the odds on favorite, Speed Racer, but more on that later. I give Iron Man the “Push your friends to see this instead of anything else that is out between now and May 22nd (Indy Release!) because you will be entertained.”

Monday, May 12, 2008

FYI-Feed Your iPod: New Songs that Move

Feed your iPod is a new feature here at Thoughts of Trent. This is a short list of songs that you should consider purchasing to make your iPod more well rounded.

Random Purchase Recommendation

WARNING: This article talks about MTV's The Grind and my attempts at dancing like a member of Bel Biv Devoe. Read at your own risk.

I was asked to come up with some music for a friend to purchase and so I looked at my Purchased play list on iTunes and found the songs that I have bought in the last few months that I bump all the time. Since my friend is a diverse lady I gave her both Hip Hop and Rock. It’s funny how I listen to Muse and then Britney Spears and don’t skip a beat. I’m an odd fellow, so I don’t suggest others try that. This is why I have them divided by category, enjoy.

Hippidy Hoppidy

Don't Stop the Music- Rhianna
For a week I didn’t know who sang this song, I just knew I liked it and it sampled Michael Jackson. I write ridiculously fast when I put this song on repeat.
Piece of Me- Britney Spears
What a crazy thought? A new song from Bi-Polar Britney that makes me feel bad for her and shake my booty all at the same time.
The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)- Timbaland
Good beat, makes me want to dance even though I can’t. When I was in 7th grade I watched episodes of “The Grind” on MTV to try and learn to dance maybe I will do that again.
Give It to Me (feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado)- Timbaland
Clearly I shared too much for the last song, and these two Timbaland songs are one in the same for me.
Low (feat. T-Pain)- Flo Rida
Yes, it’s overplayed but any song that can make me consider seeing “Step Up 2” deserves to be on the list. I am definitely sharing too much in this article.
What's Golden- Jurassic 5
Now here we go. Jurassic 5 doesn’t get a lot of Top 40 exposure, but they have amazing songs. This one is one of my favorite of theirs. They remind me of a modern Sugarhill Gang.
Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain)- Chris Brown
This song makes me wish I was 18 again, and I very rarely wish I could go back in time and be a different age. It also makes me wish I was black, but it doesn’t take much for me to wish for that.
Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke)- Panjabi MC
I like songs that mix different styles. This song has a sitar and some Indian percussion mixed with the theme from Knight Rider. Now that is what I’m talking about!

Rocky Rolly

Paralyzer- Finger Eleven
This song has a great hook, and while I don’t see myself enjoying the vocals most of the time, it works for this song. Good sound.
The Good Left Undone- Rise Against
I have heard this song a few times on my Ipod at the Gym and its funny how I speed up and slow down multiple times in the same song. Good driving beat though.
Best of You- Foo Fighters
I’m not a hardcore Foo fan, but there is something about this song that makes me feel nostalgic and I have no clue why. It’s telling when a song seems to bring up emotions to a memory you don’t have.
Icky Thump- The White Stripes
From the intro, I fell in love with this song. It just sounds raw and distorted and yummy. Kudos to this Brother Sister team…or is it Husband Wife? I forget. Either way, it has a killer beat and sick guitar and fresh sound. (I tried to mix up my adjectives there and feel it was a mistake, apologies)
Where Is My Mind?- Pixies
This is an oldie but a goodie! You may remember this song from the end of Fight Club… It’s a great anthem for that movie and that movie is great so therefore it is great. (I was afraid of my adjectives for the last song, so I stuck with great here)
Knights of Cydonia- Muse
I found this song in the midst of my Guitar Hero career. I have found an appreciation for Muse and for this song that feels like two songs in one. It’s very Queen-esque.
Starlight- Muse
This song is much more of a single and sounds like an edgy Coldplay. Every time this comes on KROQ, I perk up, roll down the windows and just escape. Well done Muse, well done.
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race- Fall Out Boy
Ok, I couldn’t love this song anymore than I do. I have no clue what the song is about but I know that it is ridiculously catchy. I love it when songs go to just vocals and drums, and this song does that well. Its what I would call fancy-punk which isn’t usually my style, but I make an exception here.

There’s my List…What would be on your list of newer songs that are UP and driving and available on iTunes?

We wanted it, HE wanted it, Castro has fallen!

If you’ve ever wondered why other countries hate Americans,
it’s the fact that we embrace guys like this.

Finally, finally FINALLY! It took a week with two HORRIBLE performances and America gave Jason Castro the boot. How did this guy mess up Rock week? The answer is that he WANTED to go home. I’ve seen multiple interviews with him saying that he is just tired and done. Then when the vote comes down he was thanking Ryan Seacrest for sending him so that he didn’t have to practice three songs. This guy is a pothead with no drive and desire for success. I loved how ticked off Simon was at Castro’s blasé attitude. It was another moment where I just smiled and was reminded of why I agree with Simon so often.

Entertainment Weekly had a great article about song selection last week. It gave readers a picture of backstage dynamics and it didn’t paint a good picture of Archuleta’s dad. This must be chipping away at the image of this young star. While he seemed impossible to beat in the first month of this season, the tides turned when David Cook performed Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. This last week was sub par for Cook when it should have been perfect for him. I think he got in his own head and just didn’t make good choices. He really needs to build some momentum going into the finals.

This week seems obligatory and not really necessary. It is like an empty tribute to Syesha more than a real competition. The following week is when we will see the stand off of Archuleta vs. Cook and when we find out who wins in the battle of Justice vs. 14-year old girls.

For this week, I hope Syesha enjoys her moment.

3. Syesha Mercado
2. David Archuleta
1. David Cook

All of this “empty tribute” talk reminded me of the time Michael Jackson accepted the “Artist of the Millennium” award, when in reality all he was being presented with is a birthday cake. Enjoy this awkward moment. (note: watch the start and not the No Doubt acceptance speech. The only reason that is in the clip is because Michael is still on the stage.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer 08!

Indy is a great way to say, Summer is officially here.

I made the weekly trip to my post office box last week. It is only a weekly trip for one reason, Entertainment Weekly. I do love this little magazine and a friend had mentioned that this week’s edition was extra special. Yes, it was time for the annual, double issue known as the summer preview. Could this be true? I am not done with school, I am not wearing sandals, I haven’t had a popsicle. All of that indicates to me that it isn’t summer yet! But Hollywood is continually expanding the amount of time in the season and this year, it starts in early May with Iron man. I usually flip through Entertainment Weekly to read anything that grabs my attention. This week was special and I ended up spending a half hour reading on the couch.

I hear rumors and maybe see trailers for months in advance, but it isn’t until I read about it in Entertainment Weekly that I really fall in love and commit to the movies of the summer. I love this season, because I end up seeing about a movie a week and all of them are usually the best of the best. This year was no exception and while there aren’t as many “sure things” when it comes to potential blockbuster films there are many that grabbed my attention. Here are the movies that I will see FOR SURE!

Speed Racer
This just looks yummy. While the directors brought us The Matrix which was great, they also brought us Matrix 2 & 3. I really look forward to seeing how this visually stunning movie turns out.
Prince Caspian
While the first film wasn’t the best, it was good. I love these books and Prince Caspian is one of my favorites. The previews seem very “300” esque, and I could listen to Aslan roar all day long.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
I thought Last Crusade was a great way to go out. I really hope this movie doesn’t overdo the Leathal Weapon 3, “I’m too old for this” theme. But even if that hope isn’t met, this is one film I plan on seeing at midnight.
The Happening
The preview I saw was gripping. It has a better buzz then “Lady in the Water.” Sure M. Night has let me down lately, but the previews along made me pee a little.
I trust Pixar, and this looks great! I loved Short Circuit and Wall-E looks just like Johnny 5. Plus it’s a love story, I love love love it!
This looks like fun to me. Will Smith looks like the perfect anti-hero and Jason Bateman had 2 moments in the trailer. Hopefully it has a good story to weave in the jokes and effects.
Dark Knight
Absolutely LOVED Batman Begins, loved it. And I appreciate that Christopher Nolan is going right at the old franchise and showing a new take on te Joker. It will surprised if this isn’t in my Top 3 of the summer.
Step Brothers
This movie with Will Ferrel and John C. Riley looks cheesy and simple, but I like it. I liked their chemistry in Talladega Nights I’d love to get some simple giggles from them again.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you saw on The EW List that you think should be included in my list.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Made of Honor; I enjoyed this movie…

***Standard Spoiler Warning. This article contains my opinions on this film and a film made 11 years ago. It reveals the “surprise” endings, and while I find these twists and turns predictable, you may want to be surprised. If that is the case, don’t read***

Note to Studios: Audiences are not so smitten with McDreamy
that they won’t notice you are recycling a film.

It was called “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, I saw it with my ex-girlfriend a few days after we broke up. She cried the entire ride home after our friend date. I was 17, I was stupid and thought that we could pull off being friends immediately following a break up. Now while my stupidity may have only slightly receded over the years, my memory remains strong. Even if my memory had failed me, TBS consistently reminds me by airing this film. So why did the people at Columbia Pictures think we would forget the movie they released 11 years ago? How did the same studio think they could pull this remake off? Well, maybe if they change the genders, give it a hip modern soundtrack, and make countless Starbucks references THEN we are sure to assume that this is a new film.

They were wrong. Not only does this movie lack the chemistry and shinning performances like the original, it makes what I think is a simple mistake. They change the ending. The girl gets the guy or the guy gets the girl… I’m confused…Patrick Dempsey marries his best friend. He storms the castle-like-church on a horse, stops the wedding and she kisses back. GIVE ME A BREAK! The best part for me of the original “My Best Friend’s Wedding” was the fact that she didn’t get her way. It was true to life, she learned her lesson too late and this guy passed her by.

It wasn’t about marrying that one right person, it was about her learning a lesson and growing as an individual. In fact, the original cut of that 1997 film the protagonist meets a new guy at the end and we get the indication that she is going to be just fine. Instead she talks with her friend about what she learned, STILL not marrying her best friend. I love that ending. Not only because I was able to turn to my ex-girlfriend and say “see, they don’t always end up together. That’s why I don’t believe in ‘one true love’” (I was a real jerk, I know.) While my comment was out of place, the truth shared in that movie remains true. It was also a nice to have a Rom-Com that gives this realistic portrayal.

When they went with the lame ending in “Made of Honor”, this movie really lost me. Overall, I found the film to be Average. I heard a website give it a C-. I agree with this grade. You may think that writing an entire blog about the things that annoyed me about this film would mean it had nothing good. It did have some funny moments and easy laughs, but again, just average. So, if you have to choose between going out and seeing “Made of Honor” or staying in and renting “My Best Friend’s Wedding” I would choose renting the Julia Roberts movie. Heck, it may even spark an interesting discussion about how there isn’t one true love, and people that seem perfect for each other don’t always get together. Now that I think about it, and knowing my track record, that may not be smart… go see “Made of Honor”

Monday, May 5, 2008

Then there were 4.

Trivia: Brooke White is just a stage name she took on.
Her real name is Sobby McCries-a-lot

What a week in Idol…Drunk Paula, New Format, Simon’s first kiss, I found it pretty exciting. Unfortunately, most of America is not finding it as interesting. Apparently the ratings are down 25% over last year. That means there are a few million people deciding that American Idol is not as appealing. While the producers try and respond it will get interesting. I think their latest attempt in trying to have the judges give comments later in the show is a bad idea.

I am finding myself more and more annoyed with Archuleta. He seems really fake to me, he does the same hand motion every time he performs and there is nothing original or current about him. My feeling is that his record sales would be in the Fantasia/Taylor Hicks category, instead of the Daughtry/Carrie Underwood category. Hopefully the votes stay on track and we find David Cook to be the next American Idol.

I find the voting interesting. America clearly grew tired of Brooke White and I believe many felt she consistently hadn’t shined. I am sure the swing votes moved from her to Syesha. The question will be whether or not Jason or Syesha will go home first. Based on last week, I think it’s going to be Jason Castro. I think he is bored, doesn’t have drive and America will respond to that. While Syesha is destined for Broadway and not what I think America wants in an Idol, she is ambitious. She is going to make every song she does from here on out a show tune, and I think that energy will allow her to skate past Jason.

Then again, I shouldn’t underestimate the 8th grade girls that are smitten with the pot-smoking clown face of Jason Castro. Is it enough though?

4. Jason Castro
3. Syesha Mercado
2. David Archuleta
1. David Cook

It’s worth watching in my opinion.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The laughs didn’t last all three trimesters.

In my opinion, Tina Fey is the most attractive famous female with a scar.
(not a highly populated category, but don’t let that detract from her victory)

This weekend I found myself saying “Baby Mama? Sure, I’ll go see Baby Mama.” I was not in a rush to see this film. If I had seen it down the road via Netflix, that would have been fine. But I saw it with some friends, and therefore the ticket was worth it. In regards to the film itself…ehhhh, it was ehhhh. Kinda blah. Yeah, just blah.

Any 30 second commercial tells you the basic plot, and anyone with half a brain can guess how the film ends while sitting in the theater, no surprise. The film lacked surprises throughout. I guess a movie like this needs to have funny situation after funny situation that just build on each other as the characters walk through the narrative. Instead it felt like we just followed the characters through the predictable plot with the occasionally humor found in a line or two. I did laugh during this movie, but that laughter came in brief bursts not a continual laughter at any given scenario. For me, Steve Martin’s character provided some hearty laughs but the rest was few and far between.

So, while this movie provides funny moments and plenty of cute “awwwwwww” moments, it doesn’t shine as a comedy. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny ladies without a doubt, but this story needed more. So, this movie falls into the “Throw it in your Netflix queue and let it surprise you a few months from now” category. Don’t expect to be in stitches, but it gives you a few chuckles.

Did you see it? Care to comment?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I don’t judge idol like “Drunk Paula”

My guess is that MC Skat Kat introduced Paula to some
shady substances and she hasn’t been the same since.

Over the last few weeks I have received a lot of slack for my failed Idol predictions. While a few of them have been in the way of comments here on the blog, they have poured in over myspace, facebook, gmail, phone, and in person. I hit the wall today when a friend at school asked “Are you as drunk as Paula Abdul when you make your predictions?” If I wasn’t at seminary, I very well may have tackled my friend. Sure it was funny, but it cut me deep, cut me real deep.

Let me give you a window into my process of blogging and predicting. I usually watch American Idol either late Tuesday night when I get home from school or late Wednesday night when I get home from hanging out after work. If I watch the episode Wednesday, I will watch the results show immediately after. Then, Thursday I write the Idol blog for next week. I am sure you can notice that my predictions are ALWAYS posted before that week’s performance.

SO, my prediction doesn’t take in mind the show that immediately preceded the nationwide vote. I don’t have the time at that point in my week to turn around an article that fast. Maybe I will start adding a short addendum to the articles after I watch and see the need for an adjustment. But please keep my timeline in mind when you read my Idol Blogs and tearing me apart when you see me. Okay enough about my defensive response, let’s move on…HOW DRUNK WAS PAULA TUESDAY NIGHT!!! Oh my goodness.

I understand getting confused with the new format of the night, but that was not the problem. Paula is clearly on something and an embarrassment as a judge. From what I’ve heard from “insiders”, she is constantly late and consistently unprofessional. Apparently the other judges and host are tired of her shenanigans. While Ryan’s forced comments standing up for Paula did give the appearance of a “family love”, I am sure they’d all like to see her go.

As Idol hits a ratings slump and does some retooling, I think they should look to that middle seat. She is just a washed up pop star and they are a dime a dozen. Hey, here’s a crazy thought… bring in Britney. Now THAT would make good TV! Maybe this regular schedule would add to Britney’s recovery from whatever mental illness she has. While some may say she isn’t that talented, I’d encourage you to listen to a Paula Abdul record; they are on the same level vocally. I’d much rather see a modern wacko than an out-of-date drunk on Idol.

Your Thoughts?

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