Friday, January 23, 2009

I want to Skype our president...

He looks like a super-hero, when we all know there are no super-heroes. (just messiah's)

The Daily Beast: Obama, BlackBerry Staying Together

"After much struggle and hard-fought debate, Obama has won a victory over the doubters. He’ll keep his BlackBerry in the White House, after all. A government agency—probably the National Security Agency, The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reports—has given the smartphone a super-encryption package to keep sensitive White House communiqu├ęs from hackers, foreign governments, and the prying eyes of Research In Motion employees in Waterloo, Ontario. Despite the lifting of the BlackBerry ban, Obama and his staffers are still forbidden from instant messaging. An Obama official says they will try to do more old-fashioned talking on the telephone."

I've got to think that they could give him some fancy encrypted military phone... we've designed that, right? Some one get Jack Bauer on a secure line.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comics still rule

(if this isn't clear, just click on it for a full-size & clear image)

I don't do this anymore so I can laugh, but I'm not gonna lie... it hurt a little.

Kudos to the email from Matt.

Update: Additional Kudos to Eddie & Darin for posting this on their sites. While Matt gave me the idea to post it, I know some readers read those sites, so I wanted to be sure I footnoted properly.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Back!

New Season, New Judge, New Blog!

Ok, so I'm trying something new, blogging while I watch. Let me know what you think. Comment away, and let me know you're still with me.


0:07- This show is taking itself way to seriously. give me a break, you didn't cure
cancer, you found pop stars. Lets tone down the rhetoric and get back to the true talent and train wrecks.

0:12- Hey the new judge just got out of a limo, she's kinda cute. Hopefully this is all a plan to phase out Paula. Kara DioGuardi, nice name, let's see if you can contribute.

0:13- Ridiculous Afro Tap Dancer- you are not marketable, stop messing with MJ.

0:19- Simon calls out tattoo lady..."But you are turning your back on the band." This is why I love you Simon, calling it out.

0:27- Simon cuts off Randy Madden and reminds me again why I love him. Let's move on... oh wait, this guy is from Moorpark. That's my old hood...oh come on dude, you're not representing the 805 well.

0:28- Simon says "how do you think 'Straight Up' was written?" and I erupt in laughter. I don't intend this to be a Simon love fest, but he's cracking me up.

0:34- New judge sarcastically says "Randy, this is my moment" while a train wreck butchers her song. She makes me laugh, and it was 20 minutes since I'd said something about anyone but Simon.

0:45- 16 year old girl sings "put your records on" and earns 4 yeses. I think she just sounds good on that song and won't last. I also think yeses is a strange word.

1:00- Stevie Wright walks in and sings "At Last", her lower register isn't great in my opinion. Has some shining moments, but we'll see. An hour in no one is rocking my socks.

1:11- Bathing suit girl shows up and well, come on, give me a break. Then she has an OK voice... annoying to think of this clip being shown more frequently if she makes it to the top 12. If not, I am making a prediction, she will be on the stage at the Nokia theater in her bathing suit for the Season Finale.

1:34- Deana Brown has an obnoxious voice in my opinion and her eyes freak me out. I say NO! Why is everyone so stoked on this girl?

1:42- Realizing the show seems to be tighter and moving faster. I like that, less huge sweeping crowd shots and more singers.

1:48- Too bad they couldn't remove this whole bit where people all sing the same song.

1:54- Ok, here's the blind guy story...great... can he sing?

1:56- Not a great voice, but the story will get you to Hollywood.

1:57- I get a little choked up at the blind dude getting through... okay, no surprise, I'm a big baby.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I can't dance.

1- large white man.
2- private school, no dances.
3- large white man.

Sure I tried to learn to dance by watching "The Grind" in 7th grade, and sure I went to Club Kiis in the 90's, but I've never been a public dancer.

I do occasionally get my groove on, sure, but it's in the privacy of my own home. No one sees this, I look ridiculous, but whatever. Now I would never record myself doing this and here is why.

even if this is fake it's awesome. props to eddie for the link.

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