Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol is Back...

This is the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World.
Yet another reason for the readers of my blog to
collect funds and send me to Florida.

Well, trent is back to American Idol. It's good to be back. I'd missed last week because of President Obama, Lost and my Tivo not working together. Here are my thoughts on this week.

Anoop: Later, just not good and you looked ridiculous.
Megan Joy: I love that song by Lauren Hill but you sounded ridiculous.
Danny: Sounded great, wasn't as earth shattering as the judges thought, but it was good.
Allison: Song was just that song and your hair cut was WAY worse than your clothes.
Scott: Your new Mullett isn't fooling anyone, just doing a sub-par cover of a great 80's song has to stop.
Matt: The judges advice is right on, you need to stop trying to sing everything you like.
Lil: Celine Dion song, really? Just boring and not current.
Adam: I am not a fan and think your hair helmet is as silly as your squealing voice.
Kris: One of my favorite songs and a great rendition. Better than Maroon 5's cover. You're running away with it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random: Great Demetri Martin Quote

I found Demetri Martin's comedy central special a few years ago and it cracked me up. I was happy to see him on the daily show a few years ago, but then after a few episodes it became clear it wasn't a fit. Then his new show on Comedy Central showed up and it was lack luster.

I've decided it's a good show to have in the background while working on something. He's a funny guy and I like the format of the show, but quirky is not ALWAYS funny. Still, I do occasionally laugh. Here is Demetri updating some rules...

"Current Rule: Don't talk to strangers. Sure, unless you want to meet anyone ever."

Very funny.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reasons I won't let my kid be a child actor...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Idol Catchup

K, so I just watched last weeks episode. Kris Allen's performance was so good, I immediately downloaded the song. Not only is that one of my favorite songs, but a beautiful version. I'm a little surprised about Alexis, but not sad about it. I think if the blind dude doesn't do something different this week, I am going to fast forward through his songs. Sorry to be mean.

Motown week is Wednesday (pushed back because of a press conference, thanks a lot Obama!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Random: Late St. Patrick's Day celebration

I was gone in Texas and not blogging last week but I missed an important holiday. Here's what happens when cultures collide.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Blog postponed

I'm in Texas and don't have access to American Idol so we're gonna
blog double next week. Thanks for caring.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I care WAY more about the economy now!

If we don't act now, it may come to this.

Variety just reported that the non-profit company that makes Sesame Street is cutting 20% of it's employees. I didn't hear about Children's Television being one of the earmarks in this budget, so looks like a whole generation is out of luck. Sorry kids, that means 5.2 letters have to go. I would say A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y; just because they are the in a little group. Sorry vowels, take it up with the sub-prime mortgages of the last 5 years.

Not Surprised...

Times, they are a changin'. They have all the contestants staying in a huge mansion, and it looks like they're going to do a little more "reality TV" stuff with them. I really could care less about that stuff, so I am a little skeptical. Although, this whole new house thing did provide the funniest moment of the show; They arrive at the lawn of the new house and cut to a close up of Scott, the blind guy as he looks over the house and says wow. Okay, that was so forced because they were 30 yards away from the house and unless mansions SOUND big, then I am not buying it. I'm not laughing at the blind guy here, I am laughing at the ridiculous choice of the director/editor.

This time, Ryan Seacrest refered to two of the contestants by their last names, like they had played football for years, it was awkward. Wait, that wasn't the biggest change... it was all about the "Judges Save" rule. In case you missed it, this was the new rule this season that at one point until the final 5, the judges can unanimously agree to keep a voted off contestant in the competition. THAT is FUN! I'm excited to see how that pans out. It is like double rejection for the contestants though. They sing their song while the judges discuss (or Paula flails around like my friend Alyssa's drunk step-mom.) I like this change and think it will be good for the show.

Okay, let's focus on the people voted off. I was half right. I think I forgot the I'm not surprised to be totally honest. These are two easy victims. With that said, they aren't horrible. I can remember horrible happening early on, (see below) and neither of these were that. It looks like we're off to a good start. I look forward to watching next week.

He performed Copacabana and it was so horrible that I almost lost hope in the whole competition. It's why I blog after they elect the top 12. They add these people because they are personalities, but then most of the time America weeds them out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

So here is the Top 13. I am not freaking out like most people seem to be over the 13. At least there are now 13 people.

S0 I am tired, feeling sick, ready to just go to sleep. Hey, there's Idol on the TiVo. Okay, I will watch a few contestants. WHAT! Michael Jackson Night!!! I am in it to win it. I really love the King of Pop, so I will blog and watch moment by moment. (Please note, it's moment by moment, so I am not just writing down what the judges say.) For those of you that have been asking lately, THIS is when my American Idol blogging kicks into gear. For those of you that hate this time of year when it comes to my blog...sorry, deal with it.

-Lil Rounds:
It sounded like the original arrangement of the song... I disagree with the judges saying it's original because it wasn't. I am not freaking out about this contestant. I am wondering when the hype will die down.

-Scott MacIntyre: Not a fan of this arrangement at all. It feels like a track I would buy in 1991 to a MWS song at Valley Book & Bible. That reference may go over your head, but let's just say its bad. Everyone is applauding his story, not his performance. How long will that last? And here we go, Simon drops the truth on everyone. Great job Simon.

-Danny Gokey: P.Y.T.: I am all about this song. Just hearing the title gave me the chills. He really owned the stage and then he danced like a mid-west church employee. Hopefully he doesn't keep dancing. Paula is drunk. Simon is calling him out on his lack of dancing. I voted for Danny.

-Michael Sarver: Nothing special, you'll be back working the oil rig in the next 3 weeks...sorry man.

-Jasmine Murray: I think she is over-rated. Wrong song choice, you're gonna be compared with Mariah and you don't match up. Boring, Boring, Boring.

-Kris Allen: Watching his intro I think, who is this guy? I am not sure if my love for MJ is making me like this guy more than he is deserving. He's definitely trying to be noticed by his arrangement. I liked his guitar. Awww... can't go for the big note, nice cop out. Paula is WAY drunk. Seriously, it's time for her to be done with this show. Ok, I will remember this guy now. I voted for Kris.

-Allison Iraheta: What's up Latina Pink! Seriosuly trying really hard to copy that artist. I guess that made me bored. I wasn't thrilled.

-Anoop Desai: Messed up the words, boo on that. This wasn't a very fresh performance, to pull a Simon quote "It was a bit Kareoke." And then, PAULA said it. I think he's going to stick around, but then when they made him out to be the guy that eeked in, America may give him the bounce.

-Jorge Nunez: Wrong song dude, wrong wrong song. This song played to his weaknesses. I don't care for this guy to be honest. He's just an average voice, has an 80's vibe, and is only here because he's a personality. Simon says "you sorta did" and I errupt in laughter. Wow, I'm right on point with the judges. (Maybe it should be Me, Kara and Simon next year as the judges.)

-Megan Joy Corkrey: Well, this girl is really pretty thats for sure. I was really sad watching her intro video with her son, It broke my heart. I don't know what I think of this song choice. I mean I like the song, but it's a little 50's and doesn't show the edge that you want to see from this girl. She sang it well, but I just don't like the vibe. Little pitchy on that last note and then a "ka-ka", that was silly.

-Adam Lambert: So, this is the guy lots of people are freaking out about and I am just over him. He's cross between an 80's hair band and Broadway as a vocalist with an Emo hair cut. Stop squealing and sing the melody. He clearly is confident on stage. Paula is talking about how great it is that he's seasoned. I don't care for that actually...I think its like cheating. I disagree with Simon wasn't that good. It's not that current! AHHHH....get over it people.

-Matt Giraud: It was neat to see his dad get all broken up, good story. Let's see if he has the chops to back it up. I love this song so so much, I really enjoyed his performance. It made me want to learn to play piano even more. I really liked it. It's a bummer the judges are rushing through his critique... because I like this guy. I voted for him.

-Alexis Grace: Apparently this is the season of Single Moms, I love love love this song. Side Note: I really like the screen between the judges and the main stage... great idea. Okay, back to this song, you've got to have soul and passion to sing this song and she just had pep. She's a cute girl, and will probably make it through based on that. Wrong song.

Prediction of who is gone...
Jorge Nunez & Michael Sarver (Maybe Anoop)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adele is a delight.

Seeing this pic makes me want to go hang out in Britain and wear scarves.
I'd probably have a lame fake accent, but I'd enjoy myself.
Please make donations to the "Trent to the UK fund"

A friend made me a mix tape for my birthday, and it had a single song from Adele. (Side Note: I am surprised mix tapes, or mix discs aren't as popular as they were back in the day.) I couldn't get the song out of my head. I not only bought the song, I bought the whole album based on the 30 sec previews of 3 songs. It was so very good.

Within a few days of listening to her non-stop, I sent a "strong-recommendation" over Facebook to a few friends who share a love of good good music. My friend Jessica One responded that she'd check it out, the other sent back a reply within a few minutes and said that SHE LOVED HER. We both raved over how she has a rich and soulful voice and shows a maturity beyond her 19 years. Its so much fun when you share a moment like that. Well, this friend is a kindred musical spirit and did me a huge favor. She got me tickets to see Adele live in Concert!

I'd tried to get tickets months in advance, but it didn't work out and then she asked a friend at work the week of and got 2 tickets. I was extremely grateful to be asked. That really is the best. So, we saw the concert at the Wiltern. It was a blast. We were 2nd from the last row, but that didn't matter. There's this point where if you aren't in the first 10 rows, well, any other seat is a good seat. The show was a lot of fun. It was only disappointing on one front, it was EXACTLY like the album. She sounded great, but didn't explore the music as much as I'd hoped she would. That's what I always want, is to see what an artist does musically. There was one awkward transition between two songs where the band just didn't click but other than that she'd start a song and the band would completely stop and it sounded just like the record.

With that, this is a good album to hear live. You should go buy it. Give a few songs a listen on her website and myspace...remember myspace? When I listen to the song, "Make you feel my love" I get chills thinking about hearing it live. It was ridiculously good. I'm grateful for good friends, good shows and good music. When the three come together... super success.

Go check out Adele and tell me your thoughts.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

go see this movie.

watch the trailer, if this move has zero appeal then I got to say, I think you have zero taste.

When I first saw this trailer, it gave me chills. Liam Neeson has never struck me as an actor star, but he sounds so intimidating and driven in this scene of the film. The movie has a European feel to it and at times this can be a little bit campy. But those lacking moments are more than made up for. This father hunting for his daughters captors is driven and it made me feel driven. I found my hands balled up into fists a few times while watching. It broke my heart and made me want to put the smack down...what a great combination.

I wasn't driven to see this film, but a buddy of mine was willing to see it a second time. He pointed out that the movie makes you escape. It's just popcorn, it's not like its an award winning film. But let's be honest, Popcorn sometimes is just downright tasty. See this movie in the theater, because it will help encourage the studios to make films like this. Hey, I'll even go see it again, it was that good.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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