Friday, October 31, 2008

Election Countdown: Jon Stewart with the future president

Whether you like Obama or not, you better get use to calling him Mr. President because it is more than likely he's going to win. (Look at an Electoral Map, it's almost inevitable at this point.) Here's a funny interview with him and Jon Stewart.

"Did he just sell me a sham-wow?"

Jon Stewart is the best.

Obama looks much older than he did a year ago, then again, so do I. Therefore, maybe I could be president. TRENT 2012!

oh, wait, the constitution... TRENT 2016!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Countdown
W is as disappointing as the administration it depicts.

That hair doesn’t just happen, it takes our tax dollars to make it look that good.

I got a chance to see W last week and I have to say, it was not as good as it could have been. Now the timing of its release is clearly deliberate, depicting a failing administration right before America chooses a new one. I’ve heard some pundits crying foul, but give me a break. All this does is give them more opportunities to yell “liberal Hollywood”, so everyone wins.

In my opinion, it was this rush to get the film done before the election that actually hurt it. When I watch other historical movies, there is usually a couple decades between the event and the film. This time allows our memories to be more forgiving. When you watch a film about events from current headlines, when the real people are fresh in your mind, it taints the viewing. It felt like I was watching a Saturday Night Live sketch when Colin Powell and Dick Chenney were portrayed by well-known actors. The portrayal of Bush felt as over the top at times as a performance from Will Ferrel.

The story was interesting but didn’t sustain the entire length of the film. I get that they’re saying George is lazy and has daddy issues, but that was where it stopped. Its big reveal was that George Bush went out of his way to try and create a need to attack Iraq. WOW, really, that is shocking. I’ve been hearing that in the news for months. There was nothing fresh about the performances or the story.

Toward the end, I was so bored that I actually fell asleep. Now, I haven’t fallen asleep in the theater since I use to see 11:30 screenings in college. I was disappointed and wish that Oliver Stone had taken the time to let some time pass between the film and the administration. It would also allow him to rework the script and work with the actors. I say wait till its out on DVD and see what you think then. At that point we will have a new president and be able to laugh a little more at this little film.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Countdown: Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak



ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. -- A new father has secretly named his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin after the Republican ticket for president and vice president.

Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton put that name on the documents for the girl's birth certificate, ignoring the name Ava Grace, which he and his wife had picked earlier.

"I don't think she believes me yet," he told the Kingsport Times-News for a story to be published Tuesday. "It's going to take some more convincing."

Ciptak, a blood bank employee for the American Red Cross, said he named his third child after John McCain and Sarah Palin to "to get the word out" about the campaign.

"I took one for the cause," he said. "I can't give a lot of financial support for the (McCain/Palin) campaign. I do have a sign up in my yard, but I can do very little."

My Thoughts

Just when you think celebrities have the market cornered on stupid baby names, someone does this. This is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. This guy went against his wife’s wishes to “get the word out.” What does this guy think, people didn’t know the names of the candidates? I can only imagine how ticked off Mrs. Ciptak is! She just goes through the trauma of birthing a child and then learns her husband does this. It is things like this that make me sad about America.

I am not smart, but I am not this stupid. I hope he likes the couch, because I have a feeling he’ll be sleeping on it for quite some time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random: Dangerous Tampering

It's hard to imagine this song or video being improved upon, but it happened.

Random: A Good Point

Monday, October 20, 2008

Egypt: Home

I'm back home, doing Laundry and will be back to regular postings in the next few days. Thanks to everyone that read along and posted comments.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Egypt: coming home

Almost there.
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Egypt: mummy

Enough said.
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Egypt: hole in the wall

We are driving in the middle of nowhere and our guide has the driver pull off the road. We then eat with bedoins (sp) in some tents. I had small bird and sandy rice.
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Egypt: traffic

Los Angeles traffic vs. Cairo traffic, Cairo wins by a landslide.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Egypt: Vodafone ruined it

So, blogs are down for now because the phone stopped working. This is a bummer, but just a heads up. love to all.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Egypt: Ain't nothin but a Coptic party...

Visited the church that is on the site of the first place the message of Jesus was preached. Tradition says it was brought by the disciple Mark in 61 AD. In my experience they are usually right in their build s church right on the spot tactic, so it was pretty amazing to be at that spot. While liturgy isn't my cup of tea, I can respect it and it was pretty beautiful.

Coptic church is like Greek orthodox for Africa. They claim to have the head of Mark in the basement. I'm not sure I buy that but it was still pretty cool to honor him and his message coming to Africa. Awesome.
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Egypt: all the same

Went to a starbucks in Alexandria and it was a tasty treat. I got an iced venti white mocha. Dana kept trying to mess with me and force the iced drink but that's what I wanted. The joke is you shouldn't do ice. For whatever reason my intuition was right on and no repercussions.

Inside felt just like I was in Burbank. It was a trippy. Hooray for globalization!!!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Egypt: waves 1

So we visit the palace grounds of king something-or-other. Very beautiful, a fancy hotel where US President Carter met with Israeli and Egyptian officials in the first peace meetings.

The view is beautiful and the waves crash right on the walkway.
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Egypt: waves 2

Bryant was the brave one that decided to go into the splash zone. I've known Bryant since he was in Jr. High and he still makes me laugh. He's matured a ton but is still willing to go a little nuts.
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Egypt: waves 3

Bryant gets attacked by a local fisherman. "you want some water, I'll give you some water!"

(It was clear he was joking.)
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Egypt: education

So I get back in the room and I turn on the TV and a show called doctors is on. Its a Dr Phil style show with medical professionals giving advice and telling stories.

In 5 minutes I learned how to deliver a baby if I needed to. Right now they're showing a new face lift miracle. I know this doesn't have anything directly to do with Egypt but it taught me a few things about lady parts while reminding me why many in the Muslim world hate Americans.

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Egypt: toll roads

I've said for some time that we need toll roads in LA. I now would say they need to be themed like this.

Wouldn't you be a little happier to pay the toll if it felt like it was going to Pharaoh, I know I would!
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Egypt: Hookah

Bryan is enjoying the culture and looking like a bafoon. Alexandria is a city that never sleeps, my kind of city.
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Egypt: ladies night

Dana and I walking the streets of Alexandria while Kyle shops for "jewels" for his family. We decided that Dana looks way more Egyptian than me.
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Egypt: Friday Night

Friday night in Alexandria, let's get McDonalds. Ain't no party like a Mickey D's party cause a Mickey D's party don't stop! Oh and cause its safe. (no poopies) It adds to my BigMac abroad program. Germany, France, Israel, Egypt.
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Egypt: Seinfeld Education

I am trying to learn Arabic by watching Seinfeld. I think I can spell "Kramer" in Arabic. Go me.

Doesn't my pasty leg look more Egyptian than usual?
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Egypt: Goals

Today I will try not to hit the head Muslim sheik of Alexandria with my enormous backpack...again.
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Egypt: Breakfast of Champions

I like a good hotel breakfast and the food at my hotel is pretty yummy. I've learned to eat a full meal in the morning because the next one may not be coming till night. At first I felt a little awkward being a big goofy American. Then this tiny woman in a burkah (spelling) put me to shame at the roll table.

So many bread options, I don't think Atkins was ever a craze out here.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Egypt: Fresno

Either grab a taxi or charm your way on to a tour bus. "oh your from Fresno? We're from LA, wanna give us a ride?" Boom. Sweet air conditioning.
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Egypt: prayer at the mall

Spent the day at the library in Alexandria and met the princess of Quatar! Just ate at the mall. Its the fish and meat place just past the prayer station. Good food, just don't ask questions.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Egypt: view

So I landed in Cairo. Drove to Alexandria and staying in an amazing resort. Press conference tonight with Al gaziera (spelling). Met Dana and Bryant today so its good to be with friends. All is well!
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Monday, October 6, 2008


I am gone on a work trip for 2 weeks. I am planning on some fancy blogs while in country, but you never know on these trips if you will have a place to shower, let alone internet.

I will be blogtastic for sure when I get back. Thanks for checking up on the blog in the mean time!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Ghost Town was not what I expected from Gervais

I would go to the Dentist way more if it were Ricky Gervais.

It’s always been very hip and trendy to be a fan of British Comedies. I have tried to avoid making such attempts at vanity. Therefore I haven’t really loved a comedy from England since Monty Python. Then a few years ago I was told that I needed to watch this show called “The Office”. Within a few minutes, I had fallen in love. Anyone that reads this blog is aware that I am referring to the original version from the creator and star Ricky Gervais.

His follow up to the two seasons of “The Office” was two seasons of “Extras”, a show about an actor trying to make it and doing extra work to put food on the table. It is equally funny and convinced me that there was something great about Gervais. From what I had seen in interviews, he was not enchanted with Hollywood and saw himself as a writer. He refused to go the route of Dane Cook. (“Employee of the Month”, “Good Luck Chuck”) He wanted to write projects and make the formula instead of forcing himself into roles that only fit his name.

I was surprised when I heard he was staring in “Ghost Town”. This film has some great elements like Greg Kinnear, Tea Leoni, and writer turned director David Koepp. Koepp is Steven Spielberg’s go to writer, whose credits include Jurassic Park, Spider-Man & the latest Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, no one reaches their full potential in “Ghost Town”. It was fairly simple, predictable and uneventful. Kinnear never really had a shinning moment. Leoni was fun to watch and made me wonder why she doesn’t make more movies, she’s so likeable.

Gervais was certainly the right fit for the movie, playing a snooty dentist. But with the bar so high, I don’t think the movie was the right fit for Gervais. It felt like he had a few moments to just be him and the rest of the movie was just filled with predictable dialogue that moved the story along. Gervais did fine in this part but it did take him off the pedestal I’d put him on. As for a recommendation, I would wait for the DVD and rent it if you’re at the Redbox and there isn’t anything else that you and your significant other can agree on. You will get a chuckle or two but won’t be blown away as if you were watching one of Gervais’ own creations.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coen Brothers don’t hit a home run,
but they get on base.

If I worked at a gym, I would probably get involved in some crazy spy stuff too.

Coen brothers, John Malkovich, Brad Pitt, Francis McDermont, George Clooney; all these people could build a fair amount of hype. Luckily I had tempered my expectations and walked into the theater, not expecting to be wowed, but hoping to enjoy myself. I was pleased with what I got out of “Burn After Reading”. It was quirky, it was a morality tale, it was what one should expect from this kind of Coen Brother’s film.

I enjoyed watching characters that seemed outlandish and believable at the same time. Clooney is right in his zone when he takes on these roles and this was no exception. Malkovich was just angry the whole time which was undoubtedly fun to watch but didn’t wow me. Francis McDormand had hints of her character from Fargo in this film. Her motivation was to get multiple plastic surgeries to look slightly better. That would usually be obnoxious but as a credit to her talent, it came across endearing in this film.

Brad Pitt stole the show for me, my only disappointment was that he hasn’t been in more of the Coen Brother’s films. He is underrated as a comedic actor, even his guest spots on friends make me laugh just thinking about it. No one doubts his ability to pull of the occasional laugh but this movie showed his range. Just watching him process his harebrained idea made me want to rewind in the theater.

Now as a whole this movie wasn’t fabulous. I find with Coen Brother’s films, the first viewing doesn’t do it justice, they grow on you. Case and point, the first time I saw Lebowski I thought it was kind of funny. So, I will give it another shot on DVD. It felt like it dragged at times but with that when we got to the conclusion I was just plain happy. It was definitely fulfilling for me. So if you are a fan of Joel and Ethan, then catch this in the theater while you can. If not, then its worth going with friends or seeing it at home in a few months. The later category won’t love it, but I think they’ll be entertained. And that’s the idea, right? Not everything has to be “No Country for Old Men 2- Electric Boogaloo”

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