Wednesday, January 5, 2011

less ambitious movies

Usually, I try and avoid a series of tweets in a row because I find them to be obnoxious personally. But I broke my rule after reading my friend Abel on Twitter posting under a topic #lessambitiousmovies. It made me laugh, so I gave it a go. Here's a few that I created tonight; enjoy.
  • Meeting Private Ryan
  • ehhh, it's a life.
  • star skirmishes
  • the muggle of oz
  • you can see the waterfront from here
  • some like it warm
  • snow white and the dwarf
  • the muppets visit manhattan
  • a black guy is coming to dinner
  • the oklahoma nail clipper injury
  • humming in the wind
  • the empire calls customer service
  • There will be words
  • Happening to stumble upon Happyness
  • The Bourne Suggestion
  • hugging and the village 2
  • the hitchhikers guide to fontana
  • bill & ted's trip
  • tired man walking
  • the hendersons
  • Ace Ventura: Pet Owner
  • stern warning to smoochy
  • do the thing
  • dial m for muppet
  • kind of looking for red october
  • The Grapes of Frustration
  • leaving primm
Hope you laughed a little. Leave me a comment here at my blog by clicking the 'word bubble thingy' next to the title of the post. I'd love to hear your favorite.


Anonymous said...

i did a ton of #downgradedmovies last month.

Unknown said...

Here are some more you may like :

XXX Files : I Just Can't Believe
The Devil Wears Me Out
Lawrence Of Suburbia
Tweeting In the Rain
My Fair Weather Lady
The Sound of Muzak
Casino Royale Pain in The...
They Shoot RSS Don't They
American 3.14159

We loved the concept of lessambitiousmovies so much we set up a whole website devoted to this crazy and wonderful meme - at ( there are over 400 movie titles there now !) You can add your own and also vote on the funniest ones.

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